Most species originated at the same time?


No amount of changing ecology would cause protists to evolve into mammals without mutations.


Neither is primary because you need both.

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don’t forget, there are also old-earth creationists… however, you should focus on the research results… i understand, it is really very disturbing … these two guys did a great job … and, this is only the beginning… the real research just started…

By the way, nobody is concerned?

100,000 species have an unique 600bp sequence in their mitochondrial genome and nobody is concerned?

This unique COI sequence is what the DNA barcoding is based on … you can identify a species based on this short DNA sequence… WHICH IS UNIQUE for 90% animals!!! How that happened? This is even more disturbing than what the ‘click bait’ says

It looks to me, that “God created animals after their kind” and put a barcode on each of it

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This would be consistent with God-Guided Evolution… but not a proof for it.

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i will get back to DNA barcoding, before i do, please help me understand…

i am new here…

what kind of people visit this BioLogos forum?

I heard that BioLogos guys are theistic evolutionists… they believe that God used evolution (evolutionary creation) to create 10,000,000 species on Earth (i know, it was much more, 99% already extinct)

But, i suspect, here are some atheists as well … So help me understand who is visiting this forum… And, how educated are these people? is this some kind of hardcore science forum? because i am a layman …

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George, i am a layman…

Can you explain, what do you guys think of when you say “God-Guided Evolution”

e.g. is the God still active ? somehow ?

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yes, but it looks much more consistent with the Bible (God created animals after their kind)

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@martin_r (cc: @jpm, @Christy )

As an interested participant like you … and with no formal association with the BioLogos staff and team… I sometimes wonder myself just who is visiting BioLogos! :smiley:

Yes, there are several “friendly atheists” that visit these boards of BioLogos. They are generally pro-Evolution, but with wide divergence on their ability to speak with an objective viewpoint … AS IF they were Christians. Some atheists are quite good at this… others constantly forget where they are and get involved in Atheist vs. Theist debates regarding randomness and so forth.

On the flip side, we have YECs that visit here who have a moderate understanding of Evolutionary science… and others who arrive ready to explain how the whole human enterprise of Science is bankrupt.

So… you have to stay alert and nimble… to make sure you know what exactly is being disputed not only within a thread … but also within a specific RANGE of the thread!

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With the same caveats that I have already mentioned just above - - I can say that there is much diversity here at BioLogos on how God’s role in evolution is viewed.

I would hazard the guess that virtually all the Christian posters here immediately gravitate to the idea that God is still active in His engagement with humanity. For example, prayers and communications between the Divine and the Mortal spheres still go on in real time. There is not much DEISM or DEISTIC interpretation here.

However, for me personally, I am a full-blown


kind of fellow!

I don’t see any problem with God being a designer … but I differ from ID (rather vocally!) in that I do not believe Science can ever detect when and where God engages miraculously. If the ID crowd would focus on faith-based teology and admit that science can do nothing for confirming God’s actions (a million years ago or today)… Christianity would be much more unified!


I am an atheist and I have a bachelor’s in Zoology with 20+ years of experience in applied molecular biology.

Viruses intentionally choose how they infect
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It’s presenting evidence (that has been known for over 100 years) that Darwin’s morphology didn’t, in fact, happen.

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It’s not true

  • 6 Coelacanath – 360 million years old.
  • 5 Horseshoe Crab – 445 million years old.
  • 4 Nautilus – 500 million years old.
  • 3 Jelly Fish – 550 Million years old.
  • 2 Sponge – 580 million years old.
  • 1 Cyanobacteria – 2.8 billion years old.

It would have been nice to show animals which evolved more recently but this is not an easy thing to know. If you find a fossil of a kitty cat which is 20,000 years old, then how do you know you will never find one which is older? What about genetics? Well that is good at giving a calculation of when was the most recent common ancestor between two species, but it is not so easy to draw a line in the expected genetic changes where the ancestors can be considered a different species.

You go back 7 million years and you won’t find any mammals with a neck as long as a modern giraffe. But is that sufficient to say that giraffes are less than 7 million years old?

Japan has found fossils of sea animals from 8.5-13 million years ago which would be classified as dolphins today, but does that mean dolphins go back 8.5 million years? It is difficult to be sure there are not other changes than bones which would make them a different species than modern dolphins.

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What are you talking about or thinking exactly?