Missing Links - October 26, 2015

Interesting things you may have missed on the internet last week.
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Maybe this is a good opportunity for me to raise a question about my own confusion.

I have invested a few decades in discussion with various science professors regarding the role of “evolution” in the world view of Evangelical Christians. Over time, I was quite happy to see many of these science professionals become more and more serious about Evolution being a suitable replacement for Young Earth Creationism.

But now, on various science blogs, I am running into scientists who categorically insist that a scientific view on Evolution doesn’t even allow for any Evangelical interpretation of theistic evolution. It seems that the issue of Theodicy is the common thread here - - a god of love would not (could not) use evolution to create His Universe.

What are your thoughts on how to accommodate Theodicy and/or God’s Love into an Evangelically acceptable view of Evolution?

George Brooks

I love Marilynne Robinson. Gilead is on my “top five favorite novels ever” list. I’ll have to check out that essay, thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks George. That is a good question, and one that won’t be settled in a few lines in a comment thread. I’d suggest, though, starting with this blog series by our Jeff Schloss on Evolution and Death. It at least starts pointing in the direction of an answer to that question.


I visited the link. Pity the Jeff Schloss discussion is closed down.

I had just finished putting a comment in my profile… maybe it’s part of my overall answer:

I wrote:
“God created humanity which was already flawed by mortality. The idea that humans
were once perfect, THEN FELL is an arbitrary theological contrivance.”

"Telling a mortal NOT to touch something BEFORE they learn good from evil makes
as much sense as giving a machine gun to a 4 year old and then telling
him “whatever you do, don’t touch the trigger.”


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