Mind, culture, and the transcendent: A question

Dictating reality according to statistics is like saying you cannot help a panhandler out because 99.9% of people ignore them. It is really bizarre logic. God certainly doesn’t alter the laws nature by intervening in a predictable measurable way – He is not an unthinking robot susceptible to manipulation and control. Preachers promising that God will help you with particular problems (if you but do this or that), definitely should not be listened to, but neither should naturalists dictating reality according to their own preferences.

Thinking for yourself obviously doesn’t equate to being an uneducated ignoramus unwilling to listen or read what anyone else has to say. What Charles Gore says about that passage in Luke is spot on, pointing to the unseen unmeasurable power of the spirit for the living of our lives. This is getting right at the fact that life requires subjective participation. Objective observation will never win a football game or make a successful love relationship. What we believe has power. Ask any psychologist, who can tell you this.

I certainly don’t believe in magic words, but I know that belief in love and goodness has power for change. Perhaps this is what is behind the talk of “power of love” which I often criticize as nonsense (because anything used as a means to power is not love). But belief definitely has a great deal of power in human life and affairs. It not only motivates people but alters our perception of things.

LOL Your example of the story of David is a good one, showing that the power of God can even transcend our lack of belief, so it is not just about the power belief either.

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What do you mean? Is this part of the curriculum or some sort of requirement?

Your earlier statements suggest that they are already walking away from Krishna. If this is true, there’s not much need to try and get them to walk away from Hinduism. Instead, you can use this as an opportunity to bring Jesus into their lives. Instead of filling the hole with Materialism, fill the hole with Christ.

As for how to do that…well, my suggestion would be to evangelize through your life. Talk is usually cheap. There are a great deal of “Christians” who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. People can see right through phony Christianity. Genuine Christianity is lived, and it can be seen. You can pepper what you believe about Christ through what you say, but it is what you do that will really count. Plant seeds, and possibly water them. It would be unwise to expect to harvest. That will probably fall to someone else. But you’re still part of the process, thanks be to God that He allows us that privilege. Seeds. And water.

Take care, my friend. Blessings be upon you.


What a great opportunity you have. Needs prayer and wisdom and conversation.

I was sitting in a Cafe opposite the Kuala Lumpur Courts enjoying Malaysian tea. My Tamil Christian Lawyer friend introduced me to his lawyer friends, one a Tamal Indian and a Sikh man. Both were asking me questions and wanted to know information about Christianity. These guys were highly educated and knew very little of Christianity only Moses. They also knew their Hindi religion was spiritually vacant, as one mentioned said to me his brother went to the mountains to find himself. It didn’t work.

All man-made legalistic religions are the same. The Pharisees created their own religion.

But it comes down to an intellectually honest conversation, then leave it to the Holy Spirit.

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