Mind, culture, and the transcendent: A question

What has that got to do with damning the vast majority of humanity to Hell?

Well I mentioned what the scriptures said.

You said that was just a echo chamber.

So I asked you to show me who you are echoing and I’ll show you who I am echoing.

That’s how it ties so obviously into damnation.

God is vastly fair and just.

I’m echoing God as He rationally is.

1/3rd at best is vast?

You may put yourself in a position above God to judge his motivations and justice, but I will refrain.

No, you are worshiping your own ‘rationality’.

That callous, nasty, impotent God, yes. I do. Not the rational one. I sympathize with Him.

We all worship God in our own image.

No further comment on my part is required. You are obvious.

Glad that’s clear.

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Ok. So let’s pursue this rabbit hole.

How do you know what kind of god Yahweh is? There are thousands of so called gods all with different kinds of traits and mannerisms. So what’s your source for the god you follow?

You prohibit God from interacting in the lives of his people. That is irrational.

Many people have this peculiar desire to speak for all people when they can in fact only speak for themselves. So those who are profoundly selfish try to justify themselves by arguing that all people are inescapably selfish. And those with little freedom of will argue that all people are without free will. It seems to comfort them to paint the entire world as well as God in their own image. But no, not all people do this because not all people are looking for self-justifications like this.

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No He prohibits Himself from doing so, leaving no statistical trace whatsoever that He does.

From reality.

So you base God off of what you came up with on your own? For me I base my understanding of God off of scripture. Theology defines what God has shared about himself. The apostles did warn about not bringing a new gospel.

That’s why we won’t ever agree on the nature of God and Jesus because I base it off of those who were taught by God and laid out in scripture. I can’t just presume that I know more about God than what God himself revealed to us.

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That shows clearly that you don’t know God and that your presumed ‘rationality’ continues to mislead you. Statistics don’t address God’s actions, do they, nor does any science.

Whatever you say Dale.

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God Himself reveals Himself in all of creation. All. At every scale. Forever: He’s rational. Humble. Patient. Tolerant. Acceptant. Non-intrusive. Non-coercive. Non-violent. Empowering. Liberating. He’s all these things and more first. Obviously. That’s how He is as He is. That’s what He shares about Himself. And once upon a species He joins us to show that all will be well and that we should get on and make heaven on Earth. This is what God as He is is predicated upon. Incarnation. Jesus.

We don’t disagree at all on the nature of God as I agree completely with what Jesus taught.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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