Midnight Mass (Netflix series)

This is a limited series on Netflix (7 episodes). Christian and especially Catholic themes are all over it. Sermons, songs, prayers, dialogue about faith etc.I was really impressed by a lot of it. An early sermon made me feel like I was in church. Not sure if anyone watched this. I think a deep dive can be taken into various parts of this.

An author on Vox wrote the following:

Flanagan told the New York Times that Midnight Mass is his most personal story yet, based on his own years of religious exploration and “a healthy Catholic upbringing” that was challenged by his personal study of the darker aspects of the Bible, until he ultimately found more affinity with atheism and science. Despite these self-professed doubts, however, there’s very little doubt in Midnight Mass . The show’s overtures toward critiquing America’s Christian majority fall by the wayside. Instead, Flanagan and his Midnight Mass co-writer, his sibling Jamie Flanagan, wrap a tale of religious zeal around a barely veiled allegory for the Covid-19 pandemic. Though Midnight Mass was conceived before the pandemic, it was produced during the pandemic, and inevitably reads as a pandemic-era cautionary tale — one that’s bolstered by an emphasis on individualized faith. There’s so much effusive Christianity here, so many rapt displays of faith, sermons, monologuing through Bible verses, and preaching to the lost, that the horror elements almost feel like window-dressing.

I have to be honest, I didn’t get a Covid Allegra vibe from it and this project has been in the works for years. I can see how it could serve as a cautionary tale in that department but I don’t think that was the authors original intent. That article’s author also complained the show was too Christian for him :man_facepalming:

And Bev Keane. I’m guessing we all know a Bev Keane!


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I thought it was interesting how the series showed people dealing with death, how they came to understand purpose and meaning.


I really liked the tv series. I watched it back in October. Actually watched it with a few people from my congregation and once more after it. It’s probably one of my top 3 favorite horror tv series.

In some of the horror social media sites I’m in and Facebook groups many people mentioned it. A handful even mentioned it inspiring them to go back to church.

I also got almost no covid vibe. I definitely picked up on the issues with fundamentalism as a cult theme though. I talked about it a little bit back under the “ creative questions forum”.

Peter Law also mentioned it in his “ Creepy Cove Community Church” podcast and in Christian horror group I’m in several authors and film makers brought it up.

I thought the dialogue was fantastic and the Father Paul seemed like a fantastic pastor, short of the vicious issue lol. His character was probably my favorite part. So many people said his character is what drove them to seek out talking about their faith again with their ex community.


For a brief second I thought the show was going to end with an atheist manifesto with that monologue but I ended up enjoying the speech. Anything that starts off with nucleosynthesis in stars can’t be bad anyways and there was the hymn sung at the end to boot so it did not waiver in its positive portrayal of faith The atheism of Riley was also honest. I wonder about some of the same things.

Top 10 show for me because. I really enjoyed the dialogue and faith is rare to see like that on the tv. Normally a slower burn tends to bore me lately but this one was very well done. i;m also thinking about the show after it ended analyzing its details which doesn’t happen frequently either. The show never gave you too much but there was never a “this is too slow” moment either.

Yes, the cult of Bev Keane. At the town meeting where the sheriff was upset Iliked what he said but clever and manipulative Bev! She would definitely be trying to have young-earth creationism taught in schools! We are doing Bible study on Cain and Abel this week and Cain being jealous God favored Abel’s offering made me think of her when the mother at the end said something to the effect, “Why are you sooo angry God loves other people just as much as you?” I know its probably a straw man a lot of times but I do get that vibe from some circles. Especially when discussing Christian exclusivism and who/how people are saved.

Yes, I enjoyed his first few sermons and talks quite a bit! Definitely my favorite character. When he healed that girl was a pretty intense scene. it made me think of Jesus healing people like that and how grateful the people must have been.


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Agree, this is what I thought of the whole show. It was as honestly reflective of different views as I’ve ever seen. Much more realistic on all accounts than any Christian show or movie with an agenda.

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I will look forward to it eventually showing up on tubitv (legal free site with commercials), hopefully. Might have to wait a few years.

Or… the library. They usually get to the library sooner.

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Playing off of the sort of folk horror themes which uses a lot of religious aspects in general Shudder just released the 3+ hour long documentary ,” Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror.” Looking forward to it.

Just finished Brom’s new book “ Slewfoot” which is a good folk horror tale that connects confrontation of fundamentalism and other belief systems.

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