Middle Ages science - BBC Clip

Listen in to this 4 minute BBC Reel where Astronomer Pedro Lacerda and Medievalist Maralina Cesario briefly tantalize us with a few facts from medieval astronomy.

I believe it may have been the Venerable Bede who correctly guessed the association between the moon and ocean tides - getting that question right nearly a thousand years before Galileo managed to get the same question wrong!

I wish this were longer, being the teaser that it is. Will have to see if a more complete version of their talk is posted somewhere else.

That is fascinating… the intersection of physical science and history.

And… I am one of those who tends to rag a lot on the middle ages. But the point is really that I have no desire to live in a world without science let alone without all the advantages it has given us in the last century.

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I agree wholeheartedly.

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Interesting that she mentioned medieval scholars did not believe in a flat earth. Guess they were proven wrong there too, huh?:wink:

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I don’t follow …

Wink indicated my failed attempt at humor, seeing as they did not believe in a flat earth but we now have those who claim to do so.

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Epic …