Members of the Body: Reflections of Dr. Paul Brand

Philip Yancey introduces us to Dr. Paul Brand, a trusted friend, who worked with the untouchables of society to show both the value of each part of our bodies as well as the value of every member of the community of Christ.

Yancey wrote an introduction for this piece, which is a chapter from their book, Fearfully and Wonderfully.


Thanks for sharing this. Everything that Dr. Brand wrote - or co-wrote with Yancey is worth reading. “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” and “Pain: the Gift Nobody Wants” are the ones of his that I’ve read, and recommend without reservation. Thank you (and thanks to Mr. Yancey) for helping make Brand’s life and thoughts (a seemless whole in Brand’s case!) available as a testament - even a psalm of praise for the Creator and of love for the “least” of his creatures.


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