Mathematics of Population Genetics

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As a physicist, I consider Fr. Stanley Jaki’s dictum that the best science is that which can be formulated mathematically and be subjected to quantitative tests. Accordingly, I had not been happy with treatments of evolution according to the neo-Darwinian model, because it didn’t seem to have a solid mathematical foundation.

I was limited in my reading and have found, using the ever-ready Google search engine, a number of sources that treat population genetics in a sophisticated way, one where the mathematics is comprehensible to me, but will take a lot of chewing to digest. For others interested in this sort of game, I’ll list them below:
Oxford Mathematical Models in Population Genetics
Samuel Karlin’s Mathematical Models in Population Genetics
Gecco Slide Show on " " " " (the least complicated and lowest level math)
Duke Lecture notes on Population Genetics (the most comprehensive)

These are all math treatments and do not seem to treat actual examples. If anyone has other web sources, particularly those which use real examples, I’d be most grateful to receive. In the meantime, I’ll try to work my way through these.

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hi bob. you may check those 2:

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Thanks dc… I’ll chew on these later.

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