Masterbooks God's Design for Heaven and Earth

Hi All-
We had enrolled our son in a 2 day a week, Christian co-op that we felt super good about. I didn’t believe that science was taught in the co-op for his grade, with the exception of fact memorization (order of planets, order of the different natural cycles, timelines of discoveries, etc). However, I just received an updated book list for the school year that includes the text- God’s Design for Heaven and Earth. After doing some research, I found a lot of YEC and science-denying content that my husband and I find problematic. I’m worried this is going to set him down a path of questioning science (in a non-helpful way) and seeing faith and science as being at odds. He is entering 2nd grade, and all of our homeschooling science so far has been nature study based, with wide readings including dinosaurs/fossils and a trip to fossil pit to dig and discover fossils from the Devonian Era.

I guess my question is- what would you do? We have loved everything about this co-op, especially the people. I feel like I didn’t do my due diligence in investigating science in the upper grades, or maybe I would have seen this was a possibility. It does look like this same publication company will be used through all the grades. I don’t want to create division before my son even begins in the fall, but we also feel like we need to express our concerns to the teachers and director, and see just how heavily the YEC perspective will be taught. Has anyone dealt with a similar experience?

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