Many COVID-19 vaccine side effects caused by placebo effect: Study

I found this and thought I might share, I honestly had no idea that this was even qn occurrence regarding side effects and the vaccine till i read this article.

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I would call that a nocebo effect.

Nocebo effects are unfortunately common. I have read that for example, the electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electrohypersensitivity is caused by a nocebo effect. The symptoms are real but the symptoms are not caused by (weak) electromagnetic fields, they are caused by a nocebo effect: the body reacts to psychological expectations in the presence of electromagnetic fields.


I worked a bit with a vaccine clinic, and also in discussion with friends, and found this to be not only true, but expected. It is interesting the number of “side effects” reported that have no physiologic connection possible. In fact, you could say that the anti-vax movement is directly responsible for many of the side effects and would be correct, as the anxiety and heightened suspicion they created causes most of the nocebo effects.


Those evil placebo effects must be invented by the devil Himself to kill all of God’s righteous people.

Oops… It think I may have fallen victim to Poe’s law.

the other triggers for nocebo, prior to Covid were in my experience the words “statin,” “Fosamax,” and “flu shot” !
Magnetic bracelets, on the other hand, are powerful placebos–on a blinded study, the fake one is the same as a real magnet–40% improvement in pain control (which demonstrates the field has no improvement).

I’m susceptible to suggestion, too.

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