Make sure you read Kendra's review of Science Geek Sam


In case you missed it, @kendra wrote up a really nice review of a middle grade novel now available in the States that I’m sure a lot of our kids (and ourselves) could really relate to.

I just ordered my copy. If you read it with your kids, check back and share your experiences here.


Yes! I saw that and put it on my Amazon wish list to buy soon with a few other curriculum things :slight_smile: I’m pretty excited about it based on the review! My 8-year-old reads at a high level and I think he’ll enjoy it.

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I’m so happy to see this sort of resource, and especially for this age group.

I wish I knew a bit more about the discussions on Adam and Eve, miracles, etc. presented in the review!


In regards to your comment on the discussions of Adam and Eve and miracles in the book, there are a number of them throughout the book. Without giving too much away (it is well worth the purchase), a YEC mom, who visits the class, presents the genealogy of Adam to Noah. This then triggers a conversation between Sam and Uncle Jack (the scientist) concerning Adam and common.

As for the conversation about miracles, Sam asks his uncle about Jesus walking on water and Moses parting the Red Sea. Jack gives his response as a scientist and a Christian. He concludes that he believes in miracles and that they always have a special meaning–though they are the exception to the rule.

I would really recommend buying the book. It is filled with great conversation starters and has encouraged in our family more in-depth study into the topics brought up by the authors.