Major Evidence For Another Structure Inside Earth's Core

Super interesting video on a recent discovery, and quite fascinating explanation for how the internal core structure allows for the formation of the magnetosphere on Earth but not on Mars.

What do you think about the quality of scientific information in Anton Petrov’s YouTube videos?

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I’ve only seen a couple, but I think they’re fun, and I’m not current enough on any literature to be able to judge their quality. He does have a lot of subscribers though! I like his humor, too – “A legitimate reason to rewrite some high school textbooks” or words to that effect, and “Bob”. :grin:


I watch his videos. Petrov presents recent papers and results, some of which are highly speculative, but he often mentions that these need follow up or further confirmation. Stay wonderful.


I won’t lie, when I clicked on this thread I was sure it was going to be another one of those conspiracy theory posts! Glad I was wrong.


As already noted, it’s a bit speculative and quite challenging analysis; how much difference the inner inner core makes to the rest of the earth is hard to say (though inner versus outer is definitely critical to the magnetic field, etc.) But the video is sound as far as I can tell, being a geologist but not a geophysicist.


My first reaction here is that the graphics that aren’t connected to what he’s talking about are annoying like crazy! I know youtubers don’t like an uninteresting background,but if you’re doing science videos it’s better to have a library or something in the background if you can’t find graphics that at least illustrate a point rather than having graphics that aren’t helpful.

It would really help if he had graphics that showed the odd data that indicate an innermost core; the ones used showed lines going straight through, but if there’s another core boundary down there then they should be deflected or even reflected from straight-line travel.

His explanations seem clear and straightforward, though since I almost got a geology degree I have more of a foundation than most so I’m not going to guess at how effective the presentation was for ordinary folks.

But it was interesting for me because all the way back in about 1990 one of my geology professors said there had to be another structure down there because every now and then some seismic data seemed off a bit.


I remember looking for that and in at least one (I paused the video), there was slight deflection noticeable. He mentioned reverberations, but I don’t remember graphics illustrating it. (But that was yesterday, and senior memory being what it is…)

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