Maimonides on divine accommodation

Those who know me will know that I consider myself to be a Bene Noach, meaning a gentile who follows the seven laws set out by the Jewish Rabbis for gentiles to follow to enter the World to Come. I’ve started reading Maimonides’ The Guide For The Perplexed, which is a fascinating discussion of the philosophy of religion, which I definitely recommend you read. Though the Rambam may be of little interest to this predominantly Christian forum, he does have something very interesting to say regarding the language of scripture:

“the Torah speaks the language of man,” as we have explained, for it is the object of the Torah to serve as a guide for the instruction of the young, of women, and of the common people; and as all of them are incapable to comprehend the true sense of the words, tradition was considered sufficient to convey all truths which were to be established;

Maimonides makes similar points to what is often made here, regarding scientific accomodation. God has to speak in a way which can be understood, for humans are naturally fallible. I therefore think Maimonides’ statement can be applied to evolution.

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