Lunar Eclipse at 9:11 CT 9/27

Don’t forget to grab your special someone and/or your kiddos and check out that supermoon lunar eclipse tonight. You won’t get another chance until 2033.

NASA will have a live stream for everyone who can’t get outside. NASA TV to Provide Live Feed of Sunday’s Supermoon Eclipse | NASA

(@Patrick) Here’s a nice science post for you. No inerrancy. No Adam and Eve. No problem of evil. Just the moon and NASA and other fun stuff… :moon: :rocket: :satellite: – And look, we even have emoticons…)

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Thanks for the link. But are you sure it is safe as the moon and especially lunar eclipses has been associated with ghosts, goblins, and spirits. Ah nobody believes in that anymore, right? :frowning:

I plan to be taking it in with our small group in a couple hours. Since I burn easily should I bring along some moon screen? …All I can find around here is sun screen though; will that work? Hopefully my bug repellent will keep ghosts and goblins away.