Loving God With All My Doubts

What I learned during my journey was that doubt isn’t actually the enemy of faith. Fear is the enemy.
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Good essay! It might sound paradoxical, but doubt helps us build a more robust faith.

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Thanks beaglelady.

What I found through the processing and wavering was that, for the first time, I knew what it ‘felt like’ to be without God. I had never experienced doubt like that before. And as a result, my engagement with people who don’t yet believe has become more gracious and empathetic. I didn’t try on doubt just for fun but the experience has been energizing to my faith and defense of it.

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@calvin I am intrigued by the statement, ‘When someone asks if I am into theistic evolution, I reply with an enthusiastic “No! Not anymore than I am into theistic dermatology.” Perhaps I misunderstand but doesn’t that further separate science from faith, when Biologos’ stated goal is to show the harmony between them?

Psalm 111:2 says "Great are the works of the LORD; They are studied by all who delight in them."
Certainly as Christians we rejoice in those in the past whose study of nature as been a form of worship, i.e. loving God with all of their minds, and we want to continue on that path. Hebrews 11:3 tells us that by faith we understand that God is the Creator. It would seem that if a Christian believes in Darwinian evolution, he or she must at a minimum believe that it is directed by God.

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Regarding the theistic dermatology statement, I sometimes make the same comment only about theistic plumbing.Though I do suspect there may be demons in my pipes, if a plumber suggested exorcism, I think I would pass.
In any case, I think the point is that dividing our life experiences into little packets tends to minimize the overall sustaining nature of God in all of life.
Were it not for the negative association with “integrative” medicine and such, I wish theistic evolution was call “integrative theology” as that is what I think we are trying to do, to integrate science with theology.

Hi Mark,

Great question. I use the “theistic dermatology” line quite often and it’s always a good conversation starter. My contention is this: We don’t feel the need the need to include God in our dermatology discussions, don’t feel compelled to qualify the science or ‘cover our butts’ with fellow believers.

One of my favorite verses is Col 1:17 – He is before ALL things and in Him ALL things hold together.
I agree with you that Darwinian evolution is directed by God. I am convinced of the scientific evidence to back it up and enjoy the response I get from tossing dermatology, meteorology, and any other ‘ology’ into the discussion if I think I can jump start a lively, life-giving chat.

I love it, thanks Calvin! Colossians 1:17 is one of my favorites as well.

Blessings, Mark

Theistic Dermatology? Pimples with a Purpose?

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Is faith like trusting God in spite of our doubts? I’m just asking because I remember several years ago, an older man in church came up to me and for some reason asked me about the definition of faith. I was stumped then, but now I think I’m getting there.

Yes, it’s kind of like that. Remember Mark 9:24 ?
My last rector, on important days like Christmas and Easter when non-believers were likely to attend church, used to point out that doubt was part of faith. It’s perfectly okay to have lots of questions.

They can be quite instrumental in teaching a teenager to pick up their cross and die to self. Very sanctifying.


The Babylon Bee needs to know about this!

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I appreciate both the levity and the profundity of this conversation!

And then it hit me…

One can practice dermatology and plumbing, but how does one ‘practice’ Darwinian evolution?

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Consider the millions of years God used to evolve a special bacterium to promulgate those pimples for His purposes! :slight_smile:


One can practice dermatology and plumbing, but how does one ‘practice’ Darwinian evolution?

Very carefully. And it may not be legal in every state. In some places you might go to jail if you’re caught evolving.

You can pick up your cross, but should not pick your pimples.


Hey everyone!.
I just wanted to join the discussion. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a while now and lately it’s really been attached to my doubts. As crazy as it seems, I’m really thankful for this season of doubts because I’ve actually felt closer to God and it’s really given me a chance to think through my beliefs and remember what life is about. Biologos has been extremely helpful in this journey! I was wondering if you guys could keep me in your prayers.


Will pray for you. If your anxiety and depression are really bad, or getting worse, it might be time to discuss this with a doctor. Don’t let any idiot make you think you are spiritually weak, and don’t be ashamed.

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Thanks for reaching out, and yes, I will keep you in my prayers.

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Have you ever been locked into a “death match” here on these boards… where someone who is used to arguing with Atheists keeps insisting that Evolution is Godless?

Sometimes it really helps to be very very specific about God’s role in Evolution …

Evolution is not just a natural process… which God rules over anyway … but he uses Evolution to express and produce his Divine Intentions as well !!

For some people, such a possibility just doesn’t seem to be available to their conscious thinking - - until you spell it out to them…