Louie Giglio's Kid Devotionals


I’m not a homeschooling parent (or any parent, for that matter), but I keep a list of “books I want in my future child’s library” because I’m like that…

It looks like Louie wrote another kids science and faith devotional. I think it’s “cool science” stuff. Anyone own the first or this new one? Any questionable content? He has spoken at ID events in the past I think, but am not so sure that he wouldn’t be open to EC… Especially thought this science/faith angle was an interesting one for him with no science background.


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I have his book Indescribable for adults that he co-authored with Matt Redman. I have skimmed parts of it and seen the film. Jennifer Wiseman wrote the foreword. I did not feel like it was propaganda-ish (for ID), just in awe of nature and how it displays God’s glory.

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Not surprisingly I don’t know it. Sorry. But I’m wondering if either of these goodreads cross-genre top 100 books have made your future kiddo’s book shelf: Anne of Green Gables -or- Mathilda by Roald Dahl. I just got notice that my hold on the latter is ready for pick up. I’m planning to read it with my young teen niece and late adolescent nephew over their holiday break from school. Anyone know it? If so, impressions?


Anne of Green Gables is very good, and my wife and I have read the whole series together. I’ve not read the other book yet. They must have a very good uncle.

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I thumbed through it at a conference back in the summer to see whether it was worth recommending to some church families. I distinctly remember him saying something about the big bang to the effect of 'all the light that scientists think was caused by the big bang was actually from God saying “Let there be light”. That is 100% a paraphrase from memory, but I’m sure it was words to that effect. Suffice it to say, I didn’t recommend it…

OH WOMP WOMP that’s disappointing!!!

On the other hand, as a parent, if I only read my kids Christian books that 100% reflected my own theology, we’d have a pretty small library. You can edit on the fly as you read, or comment. We have a beautiful book about St. Francis of Assisi that I love, but since it was written by a devout Catholic there is a line or two that is not quite in line with my thinking. It’s okay. Kids can handle more nuance than we give them credit for. If you start them off early with the idea that the world is a diverse place and people don’t all share the same perspective, it’s not a threatening thing for them when you say, “Yeah, I see that a little differently.”


so true! good insight, @Christy.

Doesn’t hurt to do some product research to help keep my approval numbers high.

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Belay that! It was actually this book which I was thumbing through:

Whilst on the subject of Christian books for children, I can totally recommend this gem that with great nuance and care expertly intersects systematic theology and mechanical engineering :man_facepalming:t2::

One of the reviewers hit the nail on the head, IMHO:

My son got this for Christmas and I’m kind of appalled this exists. While what the book talks about it true it just such a fun sucking concept. Yes, God is greater than all things but he created amazing thing to be enjoyed by us include (sic) trucks so there’s nothing wrong with a boy or girl loving trucks.


That is the first one! The one I linked is the second one. Probably more of the same.

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