Looking for introduction(s) to human biology, genetics, and anatomy/physiology

Recently I have been trying to learn more about human biology and anatomy/physiology. I’m also interested in genetics. Would anyone be able to recommend some resources as introductions to these topics for someone without an extensive background in these fields? I’d greatly appreciate it.

You can take a free online course on genetics and evolution from Coursera.org online. If you want course credits there is a small fee. It’s a wonderful course, and the next section starts on May 23 so you are in luck! Register at Introduction to Genetics and Evolution

The teacher is Mohamed Noor at Duke University. He’s really great.

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That sounds like what I’m looking for. Thanks!

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If you want a fast-paced but hilarious introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, try Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology.

It’s a free 47-part video course, taught by Hank Green. He talks really fast, but you can always stop the video or play it again.

(Hank’s brother, John Green, is the author of “The Fault in Our Stars.”)

I love Hank Green! Never knew he did a course in anatomy.

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Another great resource is Biointeractive which has a truckload of good material.

btw, if you really want to understand A&P you should probably study chemistry and biology first.

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