Looking for homeschooling site

(Dave) #1

Hello everyone, my nephew is finding difficult in math pre-calcus. So we are planning to home school him from now. Can anyone advice with a good homeschooling site that has both math video lectures and practice exercises you can print?


Try Khan Academy for video instruction. Try Singapore Math for workbooks. (Available on amazon.com)

(Mervin Bitikofer) #3

Khan academy isn’t a “homeschooling” dedicated site (so far as I’ve ever known), but it is a gold-standard for free online instruction. The times I’ve utilized it as a precalculus / trigonometry teacher I’ve always been impressed.


I’m pretty sure Dave doesn’t care whether it’s a homeschooling site. But I could be wrong.

(kendra) #5

Teaching Textbooks is a complete math curriculum with both video lectures and workbook. Their website is teachingtextbooks.com. Not sure what level/grade they go up to. It is not cheep…I just paid $150 for grade 7 math.

(Andrew) #6

I would recommend Lernsys homeschooling academic video courses, as I was able to get my children learn using www.lernsys.com. They have got very amazing videos. I am not sure if stills works, but heard that its supposed to be 40% off. You may check it out with them.

(Christy Hemphill) #7

Khan Academy is great. I second it. I also know lots of people who have been happy with Teaching Textbooks.