Looking Back Upon Moving In

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Whatever your view on origins and evolution, I hope you feel welcome here--our house is your house!
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Did you catch that? I know you’ll be awaiting said posts with bated breath, and I look forward to your pages and pages of responses. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately for Eddie, that isn’t the ‘design’ of the IDM. Falk & Haarsma have already stated they accept the lowercase/uncapitalised ‘intelligent design’ of the universe as do all Christians, Jews and Muslims. The “pages and pages of responses” you look forward to (!) are particularly trying to defend a ‘strictly scientific theory,’ a ‘modern ID theory’ (IDT, i.e. capitalised ‘Intelligent Design’), that is peculiar to the Discovery Institute via Thaxton, Johnson, Meyer, Dembski and (highly unphilosophically) Behe, but with a ‘neutral theology’ twist. IDists may indeed ‘muse’ here at BioLogos, but the vast majority of mature science, philosophy and theology/worldview discourse has moved beyond IDT already.

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Oh, I think there has been plenty of bemoaning an alleged aversion to lower-case design/teleology too.

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