Long term effects of Covid infection

I am trying to find reports of long term effects of Covid infection. Does anyone have references to medical reports of after effects on those infected?

Individual or societal?

Good point! Individual patients effects. I am having difficulty finding medical reports and even tracking of this information. You would think that with all the resources these reports would be coming out?

Not sure this is what you’re looking for, but we’re just starting to learn about why some people are sick for much longer. A typically great piece by Ed Yong linked below.

As for long-term effects in general, I think that depends on what you mean by ‘long-term.’ Since the illness has only existed for 7 months, we can’t yet have any data on longer-term effects than that.


Just read from the latest news of a new Finnish research project studying this. I assume that similar research projects have started in many other countries.

Doctors in some Finnish hospitals have noted that those recovering from the most serious covid cases have had exceptionally much symptoms like mental confusion, nightmere, hallucinations. Many, including both severe and mild cases, have reported long-lasting symptoms that may come in a wavelike manner.

One comment of an expert was that, in addition to a lung infection, the virus may cause inflammation of vessels and neurological symptoms. Time will show what these projects will discover.

Thank you. I am looking for medical reports as well as anecdotal reports to help understand the after effects of the infection particularly in the severe infected.

The involvement of the Ace 2 receptor and the Ras system prevalent on endothelium suggest that the infection will have a broad range of lasting effects as well as autoimmune reactions.

Thank you Kai. I just haven’t seen too many specific medical reports. As I mentioned this viral infection will very likely have some lasting effects due to the involvement of the Ace 2 receptor and RAs System and endothelium It will be important that we try to understand why these effects are happening as well as in consideration of a potential vaccine.

It will be interesting to see. Lots of speculation that mostly centers around similar illnesses like ARDS, and of course strokes from other causes. Here is one such speculative article, but will have to wait and see what really happens unique to this infection

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