Livestream Tonight with Francis Collins! - 8 PM EDT

In case you haven’t heard…

Francis will be addressing the BioLogos community and friends in his capacity as the Director of the NIH on the issues of COVID and faith tonight on the BioLogos social platforms. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! This is a great opportunity to get Christians engaged with BioLogos through discussion of reliable science from a reliable, Godly source.

He will even be taking questions, if time permits! (but i will be the question moderator behind the scenes, so please be nice)

For those who will be unable to attend live, all platforms should be saving this video after its conclusion for watching later. We are also hoping to capture the audio and turn it into a podcast episode if it works out!

It will be featured on the BioLogos Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube. Here is a link to the YouTube with all the details that you can share with your friends.

Hope you will join us!!!


Thank you! I enjoyed it. I’m grateful for the NIH and Dr Collins’ work.

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Will have to watch later. I got confused about the time, tuning in just before 6 pm west coast time to catch only the final prayer.

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Oh no! Sorry about that, Mark!

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I missed it also. Will it be up on the website in the near future?

Never mind, I see it is there!

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