Lions and Mammoths and Wolves, Oh my!

Loss of permafrost is unearthing long frozen animals from ages and climates long past. What is a treasure for researchers is yet another difficult argument to counter for young earth proponents and climate change deniers. Plus, how cool is finding a cave lion cub?


I wonder if it would be appropriate to resurrect Ice Age Animals in an era of global warming? They could (I assume) only live in what are now tundra areas, which may not be around for much longer.

If only there was a way to make such neat discoveries without the upheaval of so many communities. :frowning: It takes a lot of tenacity to survive in that kind of climate, and I’m sure it makes such large changes all the more devastating.

On the other hand, this shift in climate might also mean these areas eventually become the most valuable real estate on Earth and then Russian and Canada will dominate the world.

This made me look up Greenland to find that it is a described as an autonomous Danish territory. This also led me to the reports that the ice there is melting much much faster than the worst case scenarios predicted. This is part of the instability factors in climate change and with a number of other things suggest we have past a critical point already and the changes are unstoppable. Looks like for some parts of the world, at least, the ending will be a flood. But it is not God’s doing of course – we have only ourselves to blame this time.

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Yeah @jpm. It is pretty obvious there was a single ice age in the history of the earth a little less than 4,000 years ago (see book of Ham chapter 2). Animals were rapidly diversifying in microevolutionary hyperspeciation events and going extinct as fast as they arose as their genomes were breaking down and lifespans of all species were decaying in a biological decay curve that is really a power law to the inverse 1.4 power that is basically like an exponential. I think I got it all but aren’t sure.

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There is strong evidence that, following the Flood, for a time ice and snow covered much of Canada and northern USA, northwestern Eurasia, Greenland and Antarctica. Evolutionists believe there were many ice ages, but it’s more likely they were advance/retreat cycles within a single Ice Age.
Mammoth—riddle of the Ice Age

That should be geologists believe there have been 5 major ice ages and have the evidence to back that up. Which includes dating the ice ages BTW.