Linking the science of breath and the breath of God. Do all humans carry God's breath?

As a christian and a breath coach I find myself constantly walking a fine line. Most people (christian) will say that Jesus heals all things, and I certainly agree with their theology. Where I struggle is linking the science of breath - being the one function we can consciously access to balance our Automatic Nervous System - and what I believe to be our God given gift of self healing through the breath. I believe our bodies were creatively designed to heal when in the presence of compassion and grace. Unfortunately much of our lives are in short supply of such offerings. Busy parents, expectations, culture, the list goes on. Not to mention every-day traumas triggering stress, anger, anxiety when something happens unexpectedly or we’re suddenly faced with a minor calamity and that well worn neuro pathway says ‘flee’!
All this to say, I see the need for ALL people, christian included, to have access to natural therapy which transcends conscious understanding and opens up the subconscious to ‘healing through feeling’ - often in a very primal way - #screamtherapy - without the dogma of religion blocking the way!!
Thoughts, suggestions, supportive arguements welcome :slight_smile:

The divine breath is the origin of the word “inspiration.”

The breath of God is the inspiration of God’s word. It brings life to people who are like dried up old bones. It slays the wicked by exposing their darkness. It lays bare the foundations of the world.

Conscious and subconscious attitudes and feelings can have an impact on human health. Stress may trigger processes that are bad for health and exposes us to external threats, like the attack of viruses or bacteria. Yet, positive thinking or natural therapy have only a limited impact on our body and life. These may alleviate problems that are driven or made worse by stress or negative mental reactions, hardly more than that.

If it is broken or bleeding nothing beats the work of medicine (splint/cast and sutures) to fix things. It is nothing but pure idiocy to deal with these only by breathing.

Some dogmas are true, like “It’s a bad thing to put sugar in your gas tank!”

My doctor recently told me that taking a quick cold shower can shut down an anxiety attack, after I noted that not all anxiety attacks seem to be subject to breathing exercises.

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