Linkage Disequilibrium - What would it look like if God Manipulated Chromosome #12?

@DennisVenema recently introduced the genetic principle of “Linkage Disequilibrium”. There is a base level of genetic material crossing over in each generation, from one member of a chromsome pair to the other member. Naturally, if you are tracking two gene locations, right next to each other, there will be virtually no cases where one gene crosses over, but not the other one. And if you are tracking two gene locations, at opposite ends of the chromosome, virtually any crossover would involve only one of the locations.

Dennis directed us to studies that included a nice set of graphs that shosed each chromosome tracking with all the other chromosomes regarding this tendence for locations to become more and more “in sync” with crossovers the closer the selected locations were.

So, i wondered what it might look like if God took a special interest in a specific Chromosome. Let’s suppose for the purpose of evolving some feature on an animal… or some future animal…he personally manipulated the mutations for that Chromosome.

So what would “miraculous genetic manipulation” look like? The red dots (totally fictional and hypothetical) I think make a good attempt at showing what it would look like if the crossovers on a specific chromosome did not follow lawful natural processes!


Do you have any thoughts you might add to this “miraculous behavior” of a given chromosome - - in this case, I hypothetically chose Chromosome 12, and assigned it a new symbol/marker.

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