Leslie Wickman | Bring on the Multiverse

Astronomer Leslie Wickman drops in on the podcast today!

Leslie Wickman first witnessed the expanse and majesty of creation through a telescope as a young child on one of those rare cloudless nights in the Pacific Northwest. She never could have guessed that it would lead her to working on parts of the Hubble telescope, training in space simulations and becoming designated as a corporate astronaut. In the episode, Leslie talks about her path through her many scientific endeavors and the development of her understanding of faith in relation to that science. We discuss the new Webb telescope, the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe, the multiverse, and the significance of fine-tuning as a pointer to God.


As olivine, carbon dioxide and water are universal in all the eternal infinity of universes, as nature self tunes, then there have always been creatures in this dance.

I guess ultimately I feel as if the multiverse exists. But regardless none of it is problematic for my faith since it’s not hinging on fine tuning views.

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I scanned pretty quickly but found nothing much about the multiverse. Alien life elsewhere? Yes and that poses similar theological challenges. But did I just miss a multiverse discussion?

It wasn’t much of a multiverse discussion in the podcast, just that Christians don’t need to take issue with such a discovery. Overall a very interesting listen!


Thanks. I hate to scan but time was tight. Not really about a multiverse so much as the degree belief need not fear science. Yep.

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It depends which Mark and universe is this? Xd

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