LENT | Reflections

For the season of Lent this year, we are releasing some bonus podcast episodes on Mondays.

This Lent we’re reading reflections from Wild Hope: Stories for Lent from the Vanishing , by Gayle Boss. We’ll end with an interview with Gayle Boss in the last week of Lent. The reflections from Wild Hope are grouped into five different weeks, with four creatures in each week, through the season of lent and four more during Holy Week.

Week one is “The Hungry” and the story is about the red knot.

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Oops, forgot to post last week’s

And today’s is about the North Atlantic Right Whale.
(that’s a tongue twister to say out loud!)

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Today’s reading is on the Olm.

Just to let you know that people are listening to these… I listened to this one today.

Whales are amazing animals. I am reading about their sense of hearing in “An Immense World”, by Ed Yong. My respect and admiration go to the people that are trying to save them from extinction. I wondered if a “whale whisperer” type of person could swim up to a whale like Kleenex and cut the rope around her mouth. I know dealing with an animal in the wild is extremely challenging without sedating it.

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