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I am trying to write pages on my photography website that I hope can lead people to God. I am not sure if I am allowed to give a link for my site to show what I am trying to do. I have created a page for seven rational reasons why I believe in God, and one of those reasons is evidence supporting the reliability of scripture. Obviously a problem for skeptics is their views about Genesis. When doing my research I found information about theistic evolution, then I saw a book highly critical of it, then I found this organization because of answers to the criticism. For now (i am sure I will have many more) I have two questions. First question is can I post a link to one of my pages that I would love help writing from this forum. The second questions is recommended books for skeptics.

Welcome, Gary! Great to have you here.

I am sure more people will chip in in time but for now, let me provide answers to you some of your questions.

Firstly, about your website. The FAQ Guidelines says:

Any thread that begins with a post intended to direct traffic away to a different website will be deleted as spam. The point of this Forum is to foster conversation here , not point to other conversations or content elsewhere. Please do not put a link to your own blog or website in the first post in a new thread. It is acceptable within the course of a discussion to include links to support your claims, document your sources, provide more detailed information, or alert other people to content of interest. These will be evaluated by the moderators on an individual basis. Users who appear to be participating in discussions primarily to promote their books, blogs, or other published material will be asked to take their advertising elsewhere.

As to finding out some more information about BioLogos, check out

You might also want to have a browse of the Common Questions section which will give you an idea of where BL stands on key bible/science issues:

Hope that helps. Feel free to follow up with more questions.


Thank you, I can understand the concern about spam. I hope it is ok if I copy and paste what I have written. This is a new but extremely interesting topic for me, I am actually pretty excited about it because I think it makes so much sense and my hope is it will for skeptics. I heard negative comments from some at my church about theistic evolution and I was happy to discover a good response on this website.

The following paragraphs are what I wrote and want to make sure I am on the right track. I did find book recommendations on your website. I know some are for teachers and churches, I am looking for books that will appeal to a skeptic who is open to doing research about the existence of God.

Two links I did provide were for Reason.org and Faithfacts.org. I do not want to confuse someone searching for God, which I am worried about a little.

The links below provide additional support for the reliability of the Bible as well as insights to key Biblical teachings. This list will constantly be updated. I want to point out the vast majority of resources provided support a literal translation of Biblical events. I will also provide references (I am in the process of researching references) supporting evolutionary creation (which is not the same as theistic evolution). Evolutionary creation is the belief there was an evolutionary process with God directing the process. There are a wide range of views as well as many pros and cons about this controversial topic. I want to present it for those who may be struggling with reconciling their views between science and scripture. For more information about evolutionary creation click on the Biologos.org link below.

Scripture was written during a time when technology was unheard of. Try explaining to someone how a cell phone works even today can be mind boggling. How could billions of people use airwaves to have different phone conversations at the same time? Given this manmade technology is it unreasonable to think there could be a super intelligent being that can understand different prayers from billions of people at the same time? Do we really need to know how a cell phone works, or do we just need to trust that it does? Did God need to explain how He created earth or did He just need to explain to early man He was the creator and there was an order to His creation. Was a day a 24 hour day or did a day represent an era? Does it matter which is true? I do not believe it does. What does matter is that we are careful we do not dilute the power of scripture. For example, it does matter what we believe about the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus. Scripture is very clear about why these events are critical to understand.

I think I am going to do a heck of a lot more reading as I learn more about evolutionary creation. I always thought days were eras, wondered if there were other humans on earth during Adam’s time, if the tower of Babel was real or an allegory, and so many more questions. Never questioned the intent of the message though.

I hope I am ok inserting the paragraphs. I am not trying to promote my website and could care less about making money from it. there is just so much craziness going on that I want to try and do my part in leading people to the only solution that will help. I am not a pastor or anyone theologically accomplished. This is why I enjoy input from those who are accomplished.

I am adding this paragraph as an edit, answering my own question. I just need to spend time exploring this website, the more I explore the more I learn. As far as book recommendations there are so many to choose from, I need to buy a couple that interest me and start reading. From researching this site it is clear there will be diverse views. I think the forum can be a great place to point skeptics to. I do feel like I struck gold by discovering this organization.


Welcome G,
You will find fair, professional (in their dealings with everyone. I doubt they get paid), helpful moderators who do an excellent job fostering intelligent discussions that are respectful and balanced. What I mean by that is no one’s point of view is given preference. I think almost everyone participating has strong beliefs and a willingness to learn. (The only problem I have encountered so far is that it is taking longer than I expected to get everyone to see that I am always right, if you know what I’m saying. :rofl: :joy: :star_struck: )


Thanks. Before my wife passed after 38 years of marriage I had the opposite problem, I was never right! Seriously, I think I am going to enjoy this forum.

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No they are the same thing. Most people here prefer EC. TE is often used as a pergorative term.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

One thing to consider, at least from my perspective, is that evolutionary creationism / theistic evolution does not necessarily mean that someone believes God affected evolution to bring about a plan. I don’t personally believe God directly affected nature to bring about humanity. For me the terms are not a subset of evolution but is just making it clear i accept science , specifically evolution and I accept christianity. Its a coined phrase to bring attention and discussion to the fact that you can have faith and still ne rationale about science.

I don’t really have any specific books on evolutionary creationism. Instead i believe that people need to get well written books on evolution on subjects they are interested in and also read well written books on contextual analysis of genesis 1-11 such as the works by John Walton, the podcast of BL “ The Language of God” and podcasts like “ The Bible Project”.

Yes, I find the moderators here to be awesome. It has been a long while since I used message boards but I can’t remember any of them ever being run this well. A lot of diverse, educated and very knowledgeable people here as well.


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This site has its pros and cons. Im gonna be the first and “warn” you?(i dont know if its the right word to use here) but sometimes heated conversations will happen . A lot of debates as well. But other than that the forum its a good way to communicate faith and science. And generally other topics that fit into religion

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Sorry about her passing. I bet you miss her terribly.

You were never right? Never? Are you sure her name wasn’t Pixie?

Thanks for the condolences. I do miss her. Well, I may have been right alot, but the reason I stayed married for 38 years is I learned not to admit it😁


That’s the key. I haven’t been right, not once, not never. I ball every night while she’s brushing her teeth. She thinks I just washed my face.

Hi Gary! Welcome!

We also have a recommended books page on our site worth checking out. :slight_smile:

Best wishes on your journey!

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