Latest FB nonsense. "Only 6% died of COVID-19"

The latest thing I’m seeing on Facebook:

This week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only 6% of all the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid.

That’s 9,210 deaths.

The other 94% had 2 to 3 other serious illnesses and the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age; 90% in nursing homes.

That’s a pretty big BOOM.


I tried to explain that this is not shocking and the CDC is not “admitting” anything they haven’t been telling us all along. The people most likely to die of COVID-19 are the elderly and people with complicating conditions (which affect 41% of Americans, by the way). Also, headlines that say "Only 6% of the XXX,XXX deaths are related to COVID-19" are wrong. The fact that it is the singular contributing cause of death in 6% of cases does not make it not the contributing cause of death in the other 94%. If there was a bus accident with 8 fatalities, and 3 of them were over 80, and one had stage 4 cancer, and two had diabetes and heart disease, one was obese, and one was a healthy 25 year old, you don’t get to say only 1 person really died in the bus accident. That’s ludicrous. Even if some of those health conditions probably made the people who died less likely to survive the physical trauma of the accident.


Evidently John MacArthur is promoting this little tidbit. Shocker.



“There is no pandemic,” MacArthur tells his congregation. Right. Diabetes is a co-morbidity, as well as high blood pressure. But those people didn’t die of COVID-19. They died because they were in “poor health.”

It’s called hard-hearted. JMac is giving a master class in the subject.

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Trump retweeted it. Because of course he did.


And Twitter just removed it.
Some fact check included in this article:


So weird to hear that the pandemic is a hoax while Qanon is to be taken entirely seriously. Just this morning three of my relatives posted their outrage that a double wide motor home containing 39 children being trafficked for sex had been caught by authorities but the mainstream media wasn’t reporting it. I let my nephew know that fact-checked as bogus. But conspiracy theory ground work for Qanon seems to be using social media to help build case for uniting behind a political strongman to protect us all from a trumped up enemy.


I saw that one too.

Looks like those posts were all removed by Facebook. Seems like leaving something official stating why it was removed would be better for the public good.


I don’t think it’s a hoax and I’m still practicing maintaining 6 feet and wearing a mask. I’ve been out to eat twice since sometime in January. But I do get what they are pointing out, and so is who and everyone else, the fact that the majority of people catching it and dying from it also meet other checklists of higher risk. I do believe that’s relevant because it’s true. It’s definitely part of the considerations on how to keep the economy moving.

It’s summer. As it gets closer to fall and winter I’m sure regulations will tighten up as cases climb again.


It is true that most people dying of COVID-19 have comorbidities. But we have known that the whole time. Framing these stats as some sort of big reveal that “there is no pandemic” and “only 6%” of the reported deaths were “actually caused by COVID-19” is either dishonest or stupid.


I agree. But from my experience Trump and those considered on the right has been saying the same things too. That the death rate is low. Not just now but for months. So it’s not like he’s suddenly just saying it. He’s been doing that. They are simply broadcasting what they’ve been saying the whole time and that the stats are matching their paradigm.

No, they are now claiming that only 6% of the 180+ thousand deaths were “really COVID-19,” the true death total is under 10,000 and the CDC has been lying to everyone. That’s a new one.

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That’s the QAnon contribution. They arrive at the 6% by subtracting all comorbidities. Among the comorbidities are:

  • High blood pressure. What percent of Americans have high blood pressure? (45.6%)
  • Obesity. How many Americans are obese? (42%)
  • Age 65+ (16%)
  • Poverty. (11.8% and rising)
  • Diabetes. (10.5%)
  • Asthma. (7.7% adults, 8.4% children)

The death rate is low unless a person has one or more of the above conditions. That’s to say nothing of people with compromised immune systems. And, of course, many people suffer from more than one of the above conditions, especially people of color. Then there’s the fact that I may not have a precondition, but many in my circle of friends and family do suffer from them, and I don’t want to be the cause of any of their deaths.

More than 300,000 are likely to be dead before flu season. What happens when flu piles onto COVID? We don’t know. Now’s not the time to put on rose glasses and pretend all is well. This thing hasn’t played itself out yet, no matter what anyone says.


I understand. I was just stating that this whole time the right has been clinging to the lower numbers. We’ve been talking about how they have been ignoring half of what the scientific community says because they act like it’s no big deal that so few are dying that get it.

I’m not republican or Democrat. I voted for Obama and then choose Trump over Hillary and this next election I’m not voting at all. I think they are all silly.

So I’m not biased towards the right anymore or less than the left. Until the last election, I have actually always been clearly defined at fairly liberal. The right this whole time has been taking about the lower numbers.


I saw this today on my LinkedIn feed, and debunked both that shoddy reasoning (just look at how flu deaths are counted) and other false claims. The particular article I read claimed covid-19 has never been sequenced!!! Technically true because covid-19 is the disease, not the virus :smiley: The virus itself has quite a number of assembled sequences stored in the NCBI database, and many more unassembled runs!


For once I can say, “Good for you! Well done.”

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I said this in response to it:

Please don’t be fooled by people saying only 6% of people who died of COVID-19 had just COVID-19 on their death certificates. Here is the table in question about other things listed on death certificates:

You can notice that:

68,000 people also were listed with the comorbidity of ‘influenza/pnemonia.’ One of the dangers of COVID-19 is that it can cause pneumonia in both lungs. But yet they are part of the 94% with ‘comorbidites’ despite the fact that COVID-19 CAUSED THE CORMORBIDITY for many of those with pnemonia.

54,000 people had ‘respiratory failure’ listed alongside COVID-19 as a cause of death. And people think that COVID-19 had nothing to do with ‘respiratory failure.’ Lol.

In reality, COVID-19, while listed alongside with other conditions like respiratory failure (CAUSED BY COVID-19) or other comorbidities that we know put someone at higher risk, is listed as the underlying cause of death in 93% of cases.

If people want to use the CDC website, they should not cherry-pick one of the pages, misunderstand it, take it out of context, and ignore other information.

Incredible dishonesty and misinformation coming from people and actually retweeted by Donald Trump. People would still be alive today and more lives would be saved if we could stop doing this type of crap. Incredible.


Is this the same for the flu, death rate is low except for when there are underlying conditions? I’m curious how this compares to how flu deaths are counted.

It looks like the CDC uses actual reported numbers and models to take comorbidities into account. Unfortunately, those who are less healthy do tend to have worse outcomes when it comes to the flu.

The scary flu strains are those that cause morbidity and mortality in young healthy people which was the case for the 1918 pandemic. This is due to a healthy immune system reacting too strongly to an infection.


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