Karl Giberson's latest book - Abraham's Dice

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Karl Giberson’s latest work is now affordable in paperback…


Looks good! Have you read it?


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This is George’s post. Besides, you get to pontificate on any and all topics, including science. Anyway, it’s a sad day when we can’t learn from non-fundamentalists.

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I have not read it @beaglelady… in fact, I was a little surprised at the topic…

Just when I thought he had run out of things to say on God…

@Eddie, are you SURE he is writing about theology? I haven’t looked at a table of contents yet …

But as a side note, he was the FOUNDER of the periodical “Science & Theology News” … for some 5 years. So he probably figures he picked up some theology during that time…

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I read the “blurb” …

"Most of us believe everything happens for a reason. Whether it is “God’s will”,“karma”, or “fate,” we want to believe that nothing in the world, especially disasters and tragedies, is a random, meaningless event. But now, as never before, confident scientific assertions that the world embodies a profound contingency are challenging theological claims that God acts providentially in the world. The random and meandering path of evolution is widely used as an argument that God did not create life.

Abraham’s Dice explores the interplay between chance and providence in the monotheistic religious traditions, looking at how their interaction has been conceptualized as our understanding of the workings of nature has changed. This lively historical conversation has generated intense ongoing theological debates, and provocative responses from science: what are we to make of the history of our universe, where chance and law have played out in complex ways? Or the evolution of life, where random mutations have challenged attempts to find purpose within evolution and convinced many that human beings are but a “glorious accident”? "

Eddie, I think we are safe … Karl is not writing theology.

It looks like he has published a science cant, devoid of hope and God. He seems to be the spokesmen for all the ideas that I find unacceptable.

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Giberson is the editor, and this is a compendium. Giberson wrote the introduction but the other contributors are: Sarah Ruden, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Richard Miller, Ignacio Silva and Andrew Pinsent, Byung Soo Han, Oliver Crisp, John Hedley Brooke, Alister McGrath, Peter Harrison, John Polkinghorne and Shaun Hensen, James Bradley, John Barrow, Mustafa Ruzgar, Reinhold Bernhardt, and Michael Ruse

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