Jonathan Moo | Revelation and Radical Faithfulness

Reading the news these days can make it seem like the world is coming to an end. And reading scientific journals, especially regarding climate, biodiversity loss and other environmental issues, can give a similar feeling.

Jonathan Moo is a professor of New Testament and environmental studies and he helps break down how Christians might respond to the bleak picture that is sometimes painted of the world. He helps us to look specifically to the biblical account of end times to understand how to put this in perspective with our own times. We find not only darkness in a conversation about apocalypse but hope and the need for a more radical faithfulness.


Looking forward to this one!

Johnathan Moo… any relation to the esteemed NT scholar Douglas Moo perchance?


Yes, Douglas Moo is his father. They co-authored the book Creation Care.


Finally got to this over the last few days. I appreciate his sober realism combined with cautious hope. His overview of various movement-type responses to climate change (denial to post-apocolyptic-hopers) is fascinating and instructive. This episode covers a lot of ground and does it well. It’s worth the time to listen and then review.

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Thanks for listening, Kendel!

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We’ve been reading our time in to The Apocalypse for at least a thousand years.That’s why we started the Crusades. When were we right?

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