Joe Vukov | Navigating the Technological Divide

For some, technology offers humanity a path into perfection. For others it is the means of our downfall. Somewhere in between there is Joe Vukov.

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I loved this conversation!

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I’m a bit surprised that some enhancements I keep hearing about weren’t mentioned, for example chips planted on our skulls that let us interface with electronics so we could do things like unlock an electronic lock or turn on lights or start an oven with a thought, maybe even to the point of being able to make a phone call by thinking the name of the person we want to call, or memory chips connected so we could have perfect recall of things we file on the chip by concentrating. I know the first one is closely related to controlling prosthetics, the difference being a hard connection or a wireless one; I have no idea how close we are to the second one.

And personally I would love to have either of those – or both! It would be so nice if for example I took off on a trip and fifty miles down the road I start to wonder if I locked the front door and I could just think that command at my phone which would send the signal to my house to lock the door, or if I decided on a whim to pick up a take-and-bake pizza and could send a command to start the oven at 400° so when I got home I could just pop the pizza into the waiting oven. And there have been many times I wished I could have a chip that contained the text of the latest Novum Testamentum Graece complete with all the critical apparatus showing the important variant readings – even if getting that into memory required sitting down and reading the entire thing from front to back!


This was worth hearing!