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The podcast is back! Startng the year off strong with a visit from Jemar Tisby, author and historian.

Every human bears the image of God and in God’s good future there will be a great diversity of people from all nations and tribes. But we don’t always live as if that were the case. Jemar Tisby joins us to talk about the church’s complicity in racism and what we can do about it. Jemar Tisby is the author of The Color of Compromise, a New York Times bestseller, and How to Fight Racism, as well as the recently published How to Fight Racism Young Reader’s Edition. He’s also the co-founder of The Witness: a Black Christian Collective and co-host of the podcast Pass the Mic.


This episode was over the top good. I appreciated This Thisby’s bold honesty,presented lovingly! I always find Jim such an effective interviewer, helping to draw out his discussion partner.
Thanks for this very valuable episode!


If black people don’t address racism, it affects our livelihood, it affects our well being, it even affects our life outcomes. So we speak about it much more forthrightly and freely in many church spaces. But for me in particular, because I was introduced to the faith through white evangelicalism. I still have a tender heart for white evangelicals and churches and institutions that are predominantly and historically white and evangelical. So a lot of folks accused me online of just abandoning this branch of the church. You don’t know my story, like I could never abandon that history, much less even now. Still constantly working with, talking to, interacting with in very meaningful ways, from friendships to professional relationships with white evangelicals in the hopes that we can together build a healthier church through the power of the Holy Spirit.

If white folks do not address racism, they are like to not be a part of the kingdom of heaven!

What is the is lie from Satan that says there is no theological/spiritual difference between the Black and White Church? Before the Civil War the northern and southern church split over slavery, and this had never really healed.

How can segregation be way of God’s people? The Jews were separate from of the Gentiles, but Jesus broke that wall down

Please do not confuse the institution of the church, which is broken without knowing it, with God’s People, which is not. Yes, we must pray that all God’s People might know God’s Love in their hearts and repent of the hatred we have demonstrated toward others, but this means changing hearts and minds, and standing up for Jesus.

Racism and the Kingdom of God do not mix. That is what Jesus taught. If the white Church does not know this. it needs to listen to the Black Church instead of thinking that it has all the answers and is holier than thou.


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