Jeff Hardin | Science & Wonder

Ever since he was a kid, Jeff Hardin (@jdhardin1959) has been fascinated by the natural world. His long standing avenue for connecting with creation has been science, whether old nature documentary series like Wild Kingdom or exploring the early development of nematode worms in his lab in Wisconsin.

Jeff’s work as a scientist, exploring the intricate details of life’s origin, has only enriched his wonder toward the God who created it all, an awe which feeds back into his teaching and research.


I enjoyed this. Thanks.

On Dawkins, l must say, l think perhaps he has mellowed with age. Years ago, I watched him debate a Catholic cardinal on Australian TV. At the time I was an agnostic with a low opinion of the RCC, but Dawkins’ demeanour really turned me away from his position. However, check out the recent “Unbelievable!” podcast episode of a discussion between Francis Collins and Richard Dawkins. It was really good. He was much less cocky than in years gone by. Praise the Lord for working even on Dawkins!