Jane Goodall - a documentary film

Jane is a National Geographic documentary film about Jane Goodall, the legendary Primatologist. Goodall was first employed by Louis Leakey as a secretary, but 1962 he sent her to Gombe National Park in what is now Tanzania to study wild chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Thinking this study could tell us about early man, Leakey deliberately chose this untrained young woman who wouldn’t have pre-conceived notions. At the time, almost nothing was know about wild chimpanzees! Goodall’s research was ground-breaking, and changed the way we humans see ourselves. Before, we thought that only humans used tools. And we thought that only humans went to war. We were in for a surprise! This beautiful film features a score by Phillip Glass, and is now out on DVD. View the trailer here .

btw, if you’re concerned about human uniqueness, remember that only humans borrow tools.


My first VHS tape as a kid (yeah , I’m that old ) was
" Among the wild chimpanzees" - Jane Goodall ,nat.geo.
A long , but brilliant look at chimpanzees and their society .

As to human uniqueness…we have fused 13th and 14th chromosomes

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Yes, human chromosome #2 appears to be 2 fused ape genes.

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Some have suggested that the small difference in
that is why we have beethoven , and chimps seem oblivious to music .
A clear distinction about the flesh of man and that of chimp, and scripturally sound .:wink:

1 Corinthians 15:39 -
39 All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.

I’m sure already know this , it just seems worth repeating :slight_smile:

We are different species, to be sure, separated by millions of years of evolution. But what is this different kind of flesh? Although we are different species, the flesh seems pretty similar to me.

Similar , but we are divided by a difference in our physical flesh …our fused chromosomes.

It might be worth mentioning that there are humans among us who have different chromosome counts. They found a man in China who has 44 chromosomes instead of the usual 46, and it turns out that two of his chromosomes are fused. I doubt that anyone would consider him to have different flesh or be separated from the rest of the human species.


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Not sure what Paul is getting at, but we humans have mammalian flesh.

True. And Down syndrome kids have an extra chromosome #21, giving them 47 chromosomes. Nobody would say they aren’t human.

Fair enough , I stand corrected, thank you

No problem!

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