"I've done my research" pop quiz

This is circulating among my friends:

I bet there are folks here who could ace it, so feel free to ask them what is what if you are “doing research” yourself on whether or not to get a vaccine or wear a mask. :slight_smile:


Gee, don’t think I’d do very well on that quiz or at deciding which veterinarian medicine could be the next (and first) miracle cure for COVID. I guess I’d better leave it to the medical experts. :weary:

Very clever and poignant but it probably just preaches to the choir.

It’s a legitimate quiz, and I guess you could call it clever because of the “I’ve done my research” pop quiz line at the top and the statement at the bottom, but how is it poignant? (It might evoke sad memories of a previously failed test or quiz about the immune system, I suppose. ; - )

Yeah but experts ruined my life that’s why my girlfriend dumped me and they disrespect the majority of folk they’re in a minority and the bible says


Found this on communicating respectfully and effectively with conspiracy theorists.


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I am not in medicine, and have not covered much on human biology yet, but I will take some guesses:

1: A?
2: A
3: not sure
4: not sure
5: A
6: not sure

I could construct something similar on stratigraphy and fossil deposits.

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Or “Vax Dr are all bought and paid for …”

Or “Do you share VAERS reports with your students too… so you can give them info to make an informed choice, or do you just spread propaganda to minors?”

It poignant @Dale in exposing the lack of knowledge but it still preaches to the choir.

Uhhhhhh… I did know these in med school…but am sort of confident of only half of them now. Sort of like the Krebs cycle! However, it’s like it has been said…that is why we trust those who studied decades more than the rest of us.


I would be lucky to get half. But at least I understand the questions.


Same here really!

I got a whopping 3 right. Immunology scares me.


I think there needs to be some clarity concerning research on what?

Is it research on how to design vaccines and how they interact with the human body?

Or is it research on whether people should take the vaccine?

Perhaps someone can devise a similar quiz to answer the question “should I drive a car?”

The quiz could ask very detailed questions about internal combustion engines and transmissions and other parts.

We don’t need to know everything about the workings of a car or a cell phone or an aspirin to know they are safe to use.

And we don’t need to know everything about vaccines to know they are valuable and should be taken.

What conditions will deposit sandy shell-hash deposits which preserve tiny, fragile shells, abundant Conus , and highly diverse sets of “turrids”?

A: calm water of about 50 m depth
B: calm water of about 20 m depth
C: a series of megatsunamis
D: boiling mud-slurry oceans

How are most marine Neogene faunas put in order?

A: stratigraphic sequence, faunal extinction rates, and planktonic microfossils
B: radiometric dating
C: stratigraphic sequence alone
D: faunal extinction rates alone
E: arbitrary conformity to evolutionary theory


I think A) and A), but you gave us hints. :wink: thanks


Both are A.


Calling ivermectin a “veterinarian medicine” is quite a broad-brush swipe at the billions of doses given to humans and the countless number of those human lives it has saved, most of whom happen to be poor and people of color.

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@Christy I’ve seen this circulating also. But the sentence at the bottom draws a completely bogus conclusion from its premise. I do not need to know the answers in order to understand the meaning of “research.” That sentence is a total non-sequitur!


Well, that’s what I thought at first, but I think it’s not–because I think it’s addressing that conspiracy theorists attack the entire science. It’s a bit like the car analogy. If you discount the data on safety, they stem from the mechanics and the engineering–which are the basis of it all. Does that make sense? Thanks.

@Randy Yeah, I understand what the author of this meme is attempting, but they ended it very poorly.


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