It's that time again

For our year-end fundraising!

If you like being here, you’re welcome. :wink: Please consider the time and resources it takes to keep this forum running and free of things like advertisements. If you want your conversations to be archived for years to come, consider a small donation to the cause? :slight_smile: And maybe a tip of the hat to our generous VOLUNTEER mods?

I’m sure even our most active participants are not super connected/know about the other resources we offer, a podcast, a website with thousands of posts, a high school curriculum, events. The Forum is just one sliver of this larger community that encourages Christ-centered faith, rigorous science and gracious dialogue in all we do.

Thanks for considering!


Done. Wish it could be more. I appreciate what you do and how you do it. While it has been enriching for me personally I feel it potentially may yet have a wider impact.


MarkD, the most benevolent atheist we know! We appreciate your support of our mission, even when you don’t ascribe directly. It is encouraging to hear that you still see value in our work. Have a happy New Year!


Unrelated, but I saw the title of this topic when looking at the home page and my mind instantly went to “Christmas”, which then instantly when to that ONE song that is always playing in retail stores this month.

Back to the main topic though, I wish I could donate but I’m unable to at the moment. Hope you receive plenty of them from others however.

Edit: The song is All I Want For Christmas


I feel the same. My boys and I are grateful for your help, @HRankin and colleagues. Thanks


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