It's all about interpretation


A Canadian pastor, Bruxy Cavey, made the comment that both science and theology are human interpretations, and thus fallible. Then implication is that “if they are both done right, they will agree.”

Of course, a YEC POV would agree with this and assert that today’s scientific consesuses are “all wrong” because they don’t match the literal theological interpretation.

I think the solution lies somewhere in between and also should reflect the difference in focus (i.e., the focus of science being the material world and the focus of theology being God).

In my opinion, a hard-line YEC approach (which usually leans on a “literal interpretation of scripture”) fails because it usually ends up either making science (or, to be more precise, scientists) a conspiracy of satanists or it makes the universe itself misleading or deceitful (because of…the corruption of sin?)–thus denying the scriptural point of view that all of creation “glorifies God” (how can it, if it is a lie?).

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