It Takes Faith & Science to Tango

What if conversations with our students were framed with the idea that faith and science are different angles of the same unfolding reality?
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While there is much to like about this essay and it asks the right questions, it does not come up with the right answers.

It affirms Western dualism of mind and body, however faith is not the logy of the mind. It is the logy of the spirit. If the duality is the mind and body, the spirit and God are left out. If the duality is the spirit and the body, the mind and rationality are left out.

Of course philosophical atheists want the duality to be between the natural and supernatural, but want the natural to include the body and mind. If these were possible, they might have a case and we would have a very different discussion.

The theological problem here is the substitution of perichoresis for the Holy Spirit. Jesus does not communicate with the Father through perichoresis, but through the Holy Spirit. Nor does the Jesus co-inhere with the Father and the Spirit. Jesus relates to the Father though the Spirit. Clear and simple.

The Father, Son, and Spirit are Three and yet One in their relationships without the confusion of perichoresis. This is an important difference between the Trinity of Augustine and the Western Church, and the Trinity of the Cappadocian Fathers and the Eastern Church.

Only a Trinitarian cosmology of physical, rational, and spiritual can solve the mind/ body dichotomy and put science, philosophy, and theology of a sound rational footing to solve the faith and science dilemma of our day.

Enjoyed the essay. As a youth minister, what would you say are some do’s and don’ts for someone coming into a youth group talking about science and faith?
(And is it proper to add an apostrophe to “do’s” as without it, it looks weird but it can’t be grammatically correct this way)
Any youth workers are welcome to chime in.

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