( it’s satire ) Looks like Esther was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I think

Saw this in a FB group this morning mentioning Esther has been found in fragments of the collection. Though I don’t believe it’s satire on the bottom it mentions related topics of something like “ Torah Purim - satire. So I’m not 100% certain. One of the links I clicked on mentioned a journal written in 1995. But I remember listening to a debate in 2017 about why Esther was not in with the collections and they thought it was because it never said the word God.

But I don’t think it’s satire and it seems the book was actually within its collection.

*my gut feeling that it may potentially be satire turned out to be the right one that I should have went with instead of just glossing over what seemed like weird approaches. Xd.

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Excuse me?

  • From the linked article:
    • “At the same time, researchers in the University of Bar Kamtza’s Center for Torah uMDMA Studies looked at recent scientific studies of the ability of psychedelics to enhance vision, and realized that they could be applied to the study of the scrolls. They found that microdoses of certain types of psychedelic mushrooms allowed the researchers to read and interpret otherwise unreadable ancient texts.
      When the two teams combined their methods and applied them to this unreadable scroll, they were ecstatic to discover that it was a fragmentary copy of the Book of Esther,

First time that I’ve heard of researchers getting together and having a " 'shroom party" to see if that could help them decipher a previously undecipherable scroll. Any chance they celebrated their find with a communal bong and munchies?

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Have no idea. That’s part of what made me wonder if it was all supposed to be some kind of joke. I looked at random articles and many did not seem that far fetched. I know many people who take shrooms to mess with their perception before hiking to study plants and they swear it simply makes things like slightly different colors of green stand out and they notice weird things and take notes and when 100% sober it helps. If I was able to sit back and relax for a weekend and not have a mountain of chores or jobs to check on I would give it a shot. Ill have to wait until a retire lol.


The start of a new trend in Dead Sea Scroll research? Initiate a new research project with a group chant: Party! Party! Party!"


I went back to the group and asked and over 8 people said it’s just pure satire for people nerdy about it. Which is what i was kind of leaning towards. At least enough to bring it up in the OP but I also sincerely thought maybe…. I’ve heard of weirder things lol. Well at least I enjoyed reading it imaging the same thing a bunch of high people working. I found it more weird than funny though xd. I do want to look up whatever candy they mentioned and see if I can get whatever joke it was with it.


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