It is not enough to be non-racist


I guess it really depends on what they mean. The headliner of the post seems like it baiting but I’m seeing no text on the link just a audio.

But I do believe by being a non racists who treats everyone equally you are in fact doing enough. There are a million injustices in this world and it’s impossible to lend time and emotion to any real depth to everything. To be honest, Jesus seemed to have put gentiles on the back burner for the most part and set that aside for Paul to really pick up.

Look at the video I posted, when and if you have time.

The details are there.

If you don’t have time or inclination for the investment of 30 minutes, that is reasonable.

Perhaps in a few weeks. I think for now I’m going to avoid anything that’s tied to social justice or covid. It seems like for the last couple of years every few months is just circulations of the same things being regurgitated by the media, social media, and it’s just circle arguments of the left and right each using isolated incidents to demonize or romanticize a entire perception and ideology.

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I understand your reasoning.

I assure you this does not fit the kinds of things you are avoiding, but I respect your decisions!

Yep, Angela Davis!

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There’s this famous quote.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Yep, in a race where not all the participants have the same distance to go, insisting on the same accomodations is a vote for the status quo.

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