ISO a science/faith intersections group blog (for participation)

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I have been blogging for years (if you are interested the link is in my profile), and presently am looking for a group blog in which to participate. Does anyone know of a science/faith intersections group blog, or at least one that is friendly in that regard?

(Phil) #2

Sounds very appropriate. Just glanced at your blog, and will spent more time there when I can! We have a “What are some of your favorite blogs?” post every now and then, so this would be along the same lines. Speaking of, just came across this site, which looks interesting, though I have not looked at the various blogs in it in depth:

(Randy) #3

@heddle, I looked at yours. Nice discussion of necessary portions of the Bible for doctrine and salvation. Thanks.

@jpm, wow, this is deep. Thanks.

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