Islam and Evolution


I was looking for good Youtube educational videos about biological evolution and came across this interesting video. Substitute the word Quran for Bible, and what does her talk say compared to the Biologos position? Is there currently any cooperation between any Islamic and Christian scholars concerning this subject?

(Wookin Panub) #2

Muslim scholars on both sides of the fence constantly borrow from Christians scholars :slight_smile:

(Peaceful Science) #3

There is a ID movement in the middle east. Interesting, huh?

(Mervin Bitikofer) #4

There has been plenty of “borrowing” going on both ways. I do believe we owe the Islamic world quite a debt for a lot that is in our mathematics and scholarship generally. They were busy preserving and advancing in many areas that led the western world if my general historical impressions are accurate.

One thing they do not seem to have much borrowed from Christians, though, is the notion of a sacred text accommodated through and written by human authors. Is it possible that YECs look somewhat longingly toward the Muslim side of things in this with their conviction that the Quran is a Divinely dictated document --no ifs/ands/or buts? So apparently the whole concept of interpretation, higher criticism, or biblical studies does not have much (or any?) counterpart in Islam. It just is what it is … in Arabic. That sounds a lot like some YECs want it to be on the Christian side … only in God’s language: King James.