Is there a list of common abbreviations in this forum?

Hi. I just started use the BioLogos Forum and like what I see. As a brand-new user, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the occurrence of lots of abbreviations, such as YEC and AiG. I eventually figured out these two, but there are probably more.
I think it would be very gracious of the forum owners if there were a glossary of common abbreviations to help us newbies to jump right in. Maybe there is a glossary, but I couldn’t find it in searching topics or tags. Thanks for considering this.


Actually - I’ll bet there’s a lot of old timers around here that would love to see the same thing! More than once I’ve had to cast about to learn (or be reminded) of some of the jargon myself. I looked briefly, because it’s hard to believe you might be the first one to have brought up this need! But I couldn’t find that anybody has done this before.

Unless somebody has a link to some past thread such a thing may have gotten buried in … we should start a new thread deliberately as just such a reference as what you request!

So … anybody remember anything like a “glossary of abbreviations” anywhere for this forum?

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