Is there a difference between soul and spirit in the human being?

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When I study the Old Testament, I find there is a difference between the soul and spirit. I do not believe in so-called soul sleep; however, I feel that the soul is the total person. When God breathed into Adam, he made him a living soul, i.e., a living being. That is what the soul meant to the ancient Hebrews. The concept of the immortal soul is a Greek idea related to the teachings of Plato. The Greek concept is only really found in the Wisdom of Solomon, a Jewish book of the Apocrypha. One may ask himself: What survives the earthly body in the intermediate state? This can be seen in Ecc.12:7, where the body returns to the dust which it came from and the spirits return to God who gave them. We find the spirit of Samuel coming to Saul in 1 Samuel 28 when Saul wanted to ask him for prophecy. There are only two places in the New Testament that sound like the Greek concept. These can be found in Matthew 10:28 and also in the Book of Revelation, where the souls of men cry out to God from under the altar in heaven. I hope this will be of interest. At the Second Coming, the reunion of spirit and body will raise our bodies in perfect forms; creating once more the living soul or being. May God bless all of you as we seek the truth in faith and science.

Makes sense to me as you put it.

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That’s pretty close to my understanding…

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