Is that in the Bible? A fun quiz from Yale

This quiz is from a Yale New Testament course. It’s taught from a literary, not theological, point of view. (So don’t get offended.) The quiz starts at about 3:24 in the video. Hopefully I’ve cued it up correctly. How did you do?

Go for it!

Got em all. But could not have placed the Marx quote, though knew it wasn’t in the Bible.

That’s a Yale College (undergrad) course, not a Div School course.

My retained Catholic knowledge slipped a bit there at the beginning. I’m sure that must have been in one of my catechisms. Got me on the Kings too. Looks like a great course! Thanks for posting.


No need to be sorry. I just thought the lack of Biblical knowledge from the class was a little extreme if it were a divinity school crowd; it’s more understandable from undergraduates. (Though I did also have the reaction, “What do they teach them at these schools?”)

I got 10/10 (plus an extra point for Marx – ha!). On the other hand, I was once confounded by an English professor about Biblical knowledge, when he asked the class where the river Chebar was. I had no clue.

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'There’s got to be a fundie in here"–around 7:05

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I thought I was going to flunk the quiz, but I only got one wrong (it was the Marx quote lol).

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I think you did well. It was kind of tricky, since lots of people absorb theology from popular culture, movies, Christmas cards and carols, etc.

On the old comedy “All in the family,” somebody quoted a Bible verse to Archie Bunker. And he replied, "Well, as it also says in the Bible, “You can’t take it with you.”