Is God allowed to speak using prescientific terms?

The way in which we typically try to resolve the Bible’s prescientific worldview is to suggest that God would have to speak in terms they would understand in order to be believable. Whilst I agree with this to an extent, I believe God could not have told an ancient Israelite that the earth orbited the sun and expect to be be believed, I have major theological issues with the notion that God would lie to his audience by telling them false science. I do not have any issue however, with an inspired writer (such as David in Psalm 19:4-6) speaking using the prescientific language of his day, since I don’t think any of the Bible was intended to teach science, so God wouldn’t bother correcting their mistakes. It is different, however, when it is God himself doing it.

What do you think?

I don’t believe we were expected to find any science in the Bible at all. Most of what passes for “science” is just descriptions of nature as seen by the author.

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I would be surprised if God inspired any specific knowledge. When Job discusses the treasuries (warehouses) for Snow and Hail … I think if God was going to be specific, he would be more correctly specific.

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