Is Genesis History: Digging for Truth and Coming up Empty-Handed

Lars Cade is a Christian currently studying to become a paleontologist. In this article, as a guest blogger for Naturalis Historia, he reviews the film “Is Genesis History?”

Is Genesis History: Digging for Truth and Coming up Empty-Handed


Wow impressive, but not atypical for these types of pseudo documentaries…

In just over two minutes, Del Tackett and Art Chadwick present no fewer than fourteen false and/or misleading ideas


Also known as a “crockumentary”

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My favorite part of any YEC presentation is how the gigantic vegetarian reptiles, that towered over stegasaurs and other tiny lumpy creatures, must have suicidally attempted to drink up all the waters of the flood… for they succumbed and tidily have their carcasses buried by flood sediments long before much of the remaining dinosaurs of the Cretaceous layers even begin to drown.

I hadded the Pterodactyles into the late Jurassic period… because they apparently were also quick to drown - - despite their ability to fly - - making for nice bookends:

  • the really small reptiels that could fly died just as quickly as the large vegetarians who could stand above the waters while Steg’s swam for their lives …

Perfect. It’s a shame that YECs have to create this type of “documentaries” to promote their point of view, which is faker than the Christ myth “theory”.
I remember that I used to watch these films back when I was a YEC and followed them blindly without questioning anything at all. After studying evolution, I just realised how gullible I was back then and how many people are still being deceived by those things.
I may not always agree with AronRa, but he was right when he said that promoting lies does no good to anyone.

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