Is Evolution Still Working?

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I saw them and they are cats! no doubt about it! NOT wolves!

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Hello again James.

That is a very unique looking cat … I’ve never seen one before! I’m a bit confused by your title however … Are you saying “Is evolution still with us today” or are you saying “Is evolution going down the drain”. I would argue for the former, but there are others more knowledgeable than I on the subject.


Hello again.

While I won’t argue for this particular species on whether or not it’s a cat — I would however ask you where you draw the line on what is or isn’t a cat? Are house cats and tigers both cats … Or are they two distinct “cat kinds”? Are dogs and wolves in the same family … Could you include foxes in there as well? Where do we understand what a species is, in both the Bible and science?

I ask as a curious observer wishing for further understanding and dialogue with another believer.


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Cats are feline dogs are canine! Tigers and house cat in my opinion are two distinct Cat kinds Dogs and wolves in my opinion are two distinct dog kinds i do not believe that dogs and wolves are the same kind or ever have been in the past. Why you ask? If wolves were the first kind of “wild dog” and all types of dogs we have now came from wolves as they claim! where would the distinct features of a blood hound come from?Remember NO wolves look like blood hounds and NO other dogs have the droopy blood hound skin! I guess my point is what dog or other animal would you breed to a wolf that has droopy skin of a blood hound before the blood hound ever existed? this is where I think evolutionist have NO answer. To simply say that years of breeding turned the blood hounds skin droopy,If you stared off with a wolf and a wolf has NO droopy skin at all.


Are you saying that God made bloodhounds?

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Hey Tim I worded the title wrong. Should have said Is Evolution Still Working?

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Martin — your statement confuses me a bit. Ken Ham, who is the president of the biggest young earth creationist organizations, Answers in Genesis, believes that wolves and dogs have a common ancestor. He even argue that llamas and camels have a common ancestor. I’m not sure why droopy skin is a problem, when most people (creationists and evolutionists) believe that the chihuahua AND Great Dane have a common ancestor … And they are incredibly different from each other.


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If evolutionary theory is true then yes it should still be active in today’s world.



What about The Shar Pei? You need to learn the breeds.

And you might find this video very interesting. Evolution can be very fast! Dmitry Belyaev and Fox Experiments

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Changed the title by the way!

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The Dmitry Fox experiments are really fascinating, Beagle. But the prospect, admittedly, disturbs me a little bit because it sounds like eugenics.

If they are applicable to mild mannered foxes, is it also applicable to mild mannered humans?



Humans have been breeding animals (and plants) for thousands of years. There is nothing to fear.

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That’s not what I mean, Beagle. Eugenics was the idea of only allowing certain humans with certain desired characteristics to procreate, thus producing offspring with those desired traits. The “unfavorable” people were sterilized to prevent them from breeding.

In regards to the foxes it seems like a similar thing is taking place. It’s not really a scientific objection necessarily … But an ethical one.


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Tim do you believe that the natural mutation of this cat is proof of evolution?

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I believe so, yes.



How do you think we have been breeding plants and animals for thousands of years? By selective breeding, that’s how! We don’t breed people.

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I guess I’ll just drop the discussion since I’m obviously confused … I guess I just didn’t realize that personalities could transfer over.

I’ll stop while I’m still behind, lest I embarrass myself more :blush:



That’s okay. I think you just misunderstood me.

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