Is Dark matter about to die?

Thought this might be interesting to some here:

There is an old thread here on Dark matter hunt fails to find the elusive particles from 2017. This failure to find dark matter has continued.

Dark matter’s no-show means that many possible explanations for it that people like me favoured just a decade ago have now been ruled out. That is forcing us to radically revisit assumptions not only about the nature of dark matter, but also about the early history of our universe. This is the latest twist in a long-running saga: our failure to detect the particles that make up dark matter suggests that the beginning of the universe may have been very different from what we imagined. – Dan Hooper Nov 13, 2019 Read more:

What the article says, in short is that the supernova data which was used to support dark matter’s existence is now questionable. Im not taking sides on this, it isn’t my area but I do smell the decaying flesh of dark matter’s theory. Maybe a cure will come, but right now, it is looking shakey.


That Reddit link didn’t work for me (because it’s actually not a reddit one?) but this one does:

It includes the abstract, as does the other link, and there are a few intelligent comments. :slightly_smiling_face:

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