Is Creation a Gospel Issue?

(Peaceful Science) #1

A very good installment from my favorite YEC, Todd Woods.

(Jon Garvey) #2

Yeah, I happened to read that, Joshua. Some other YECs here ought to read it (and I guess some ECs, too).

He’s dead right, of course, in relativising origins discussions. They’ve become invested with importance out of all proportion with their theological significance.

At the same time, a related theme (in my book) is that without having a serious conception of creation doctrine in its Scripturally broad sense, understanding of salvation is likely to get skewed. Incidentally, that is actually the raison d’etre of The Hump of the Camel, but that’s an aside.

I remember first hearing that message from missiologists warning about translating only the New Testament, when the basic truths of who God is and how we relate to him are in the Old, and especially in the relationship of Creator to creatures. It applies, i think, to many Christians in christianised countries like ours, in which the Gospel is treated as if it arose without a theological background.